Pastor Sue Ketterer – Senior Pastor

Sue was born in Philadelphia and lived her whole life in this area. A lifelong Methodist, she was secretary of her church, volunteer youth leader, and then paid youth leader when her boys were in youth group. As her job evolved to include more responsibilities than just the youth, and as she began to mature in her faith and knowledge, she went back to college for a Bible degree. She felt God calling her into the ordained ministry and went to seminary for her Master of Divinity. Sue is currently serving in her 8th year at Bethel Hill UMC. She plays the piano, sings and composes music. The shortened version of Sue’s mission statement is “to be SOLD OUT to and for Jesus.” You may often hear her say:  “Every day is a gift from God!”

Cheri Brown – Choir Director

Carol Shellenberger – Choir Accompanist

Hannah Yu – Organist

Hannah was born in Pusan, S. Korea and started her musical training with her father, who is a pastor & an amateur musician,  and found her passion in classical piano music.  She received a bachelor’s degree in piano performance and came to America 22 years ago to study further in music. She received her master’s degree in piano performance at Temple University and finished the Doctor of Musical Arts program at Temple as well.  She has been performing as a concert soloist & accompanist and has served as a church organist & pianist since 1988 in S. Korea and in the U.S., serving as music director & pianist at Crescentville UMC and at Providence Presbyterian Church.  “It is my utmost privilege & joy to serve our wonderful Lord & Savior through precious praise music.  I have found a home at Bethel Hill and love to encourage His people to praise His saving grace and to rejoice in His blessings.”

Jeff Varner – Organist

I took organ lessons with the hope of being able to play in a church. I played my first church service in 8th grade. At Albright College, I played organ for Sunday worship services all four years and during the summer played at a small country church, Fowlersville United Methodist Church.  Upon graduation from optometry school I began playing organ and directing the choir at Melrose Carmel Presbyterian Church in Elkins Park and also played at St. Paul’s English Lutheran in Cheltenham.  Those positions continued for 14 years.  In 2000 I joined Gwynedd Square Presbyterian and served as interim organist on several occasions,  In 2002, Gwynedd Square began a praise band and I have played keyboard from the beginning and still play at their early service. 

I have really enjoyed my time at Bethel Hill.   To me, playing organ has always served as an outlet and being able to play for such a receptive congregation as Bethel Hill’s make the Sunday morning task a joy.  My family has joined me on several occasions (playing instruments and singing) and that’s been a blessing.  Being at Bethel Hill has been a true answer to prayer!