Administrative Team

Church Council –  This body is made of the chairpersons of the church committees along with three at-large members.  Church Council deals primarily with the discussion and approval of recommendations from the working committees of the church and any financial cost that might be involved over and above the previously approved annual budget.

Finance Team – Plans the annual church budget, income and expenses, and maintains the investments of the church.

Nominations Team- Seeks volunteers for nomination to fill various offices and other volunteer positions within our church community.

Trustees – Responsible for purchase, maintenance and care of the property, buildings, cemetery, memorials and capital items owned by the church.

Stewardship Team – Encourages tithing/pledging, time and talent giving of the members of the church.

Staff Parish Relations Committee – This committee is the liaison between the pastor, employees and congregation.  Handles matters related to employees of the church and makes salary recommendations.

Program Teams

Evangelism/Spiritual Development Team – Seeks ways to reach out to the surrounding community to encourage visitors to participate and join our church family. Explores the needs and develops opportunities for spiritual growth of our congregation.

Christian Education Team – Conducts Sunday School Education for all ages, promotes a Vacation Bible School program, Summer Sunday School for children, and holds fund raising programs for mission outreach.

Missions Team –  Coordinates the major portions of our mission work at Bethel Hill. Plans fund raisers and distributes missions funds to designated beneficiaries.

Worship Team –  Assists the pastor with the liturgical needs relating to the worship services each Sunday, as well as specific needs for church holidays.

Parish Health Team –  Cares for the health and well-being of our members.  Advises and counsels those with medical needs, emergencies and care.  Also, organizes and administers blood pressure screenings monthly on Sunday’s at 10:30 am.

Fellowship Team – Plans and holds social and fellowship activities throughout the year such as Family Game Night.